Promotion Effectiveness Modeling & Tracking
Key Elements:
Promotional sales lift and ROI for wide variety of industries and event types
Results in total and by individual offer
Database of event lifts and ROIs, including electronic images of creative
Industry best practice promotion response modeling techniques
Range of Promotion Event Types
In-Store Displays
Newspaper & Pre-Print Features
Coupons: FSI, Catalina, In-Store, Mail
Mail/Online Offers
Free Goods/Premiums
Special Packs
Special Events
Addresses Many CPG and Retailer Promotion Management Questions
Which promotions work best for which consumer segments?
Which products respond the most to which promotions?
Which markets are most promotion responsive?
How often and how intensely to promote?
Promote the whole line or focus on a few key items?
Which promotions drive store traffic?
Which promotions have halo effects on non-promoted products?
Marketing Analytics is a recognized thought leader in promotion response modeling. Our Store Group modeling methodology has been proven in independent academic studies. A team of researchers from Cornell University, Northwestern University, Duke University and the A.C. Nielsen Company found that Marketing Analytics' Store Group model was the most effective method studied for modeling aggregate data [Christen, Markus, Sachin Gupta, John C. Porter, Richard Staelin and Dick R. Wittink (1997) “Using Market-Level Data to Understand Promotion Effects in a Nonlinear Model”, Journal of Marketing Research, Aug 1997, 322-334].